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Go Online Contractors is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency that is committed to helping your contracting business have a greater impact online and bring in more customers as a result.

Since 2004, we have teamed up with all types of businesses—but more specifically, contractors across a wide range of niches, from electrical to renovation to mechanical and everything in between. Today, our clientele extends throughout not only Canada but also the United States and Europe.

We have built a proven track record of helping these businesses connect with their target audiences and achieve measurable results, and we can do the same for your contracting business.

As millions of people use the Internet to find local businesses every day, we make it our mission for your name to be the first one they see. With our industry-specific expertise and experience, your business will have access to all of the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to ultimately dominate your local market.

Let Us Help You Dominate Your Local Market Online!

The One-Stop Solution for All of Your Online Marketing Needs

Today, merely existing online does very little to help your contracting have a tangible impact. There are all types of contractors that have websites but only a certain number of them reap any kind of reward for being online.

This is because it takes a complete and comprehensive marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage over the bevy of contracting businesses that can be found online.

That’s where we come in.

As marketing leaders within the construction industry, we are committed to not only helping your business establish an online presence but also deploying effective tactics that give you the leg-up on your local competition and bring in a steady stream of high-quality leads and customers.

As a full-service marketing agency, we are able to provide your business with every last component your business needs to succeed online—starting with branding and website development and culminating in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, powerful social media ad campaigns, original video productions, and much more.

Together We Succeed!

Make Your Contracting Business Finally Stand Out With Go Online Contractors

We are not your average marketing agency. Far too many of today’s agencies prioritize their bottom line over the value they provide to their clients. They amass contracts—taking on more clients than they can realistically serve—and the results show. Their customers end up with very little to show for the investments they have made in online marketing.

At Go Online Contractors, we hold fast to a radically different approach. We actually limit the number of businesses we work with at any given time. By taking on fewer clients, your contracting business benefits from more one-on-one attention, quicker response times, higher quality, and a better experience across the board.

This unrivaled level of service can be the difference between your business simply being online and having a genuine competitive advantage over competitors that are fighting tooth-and-nail for your potential leads and customers.

Ready to make a statement online and use the Internet to attract and convert real customers for your business? Go Online Contractors will help you make it happen. 

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