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Our Construction Marketing Journey Has Been Years in the Making

Brothers and founders Paolo and Greg Gullo were born into a family with business and entrepreneurship in their blood. In their youth, both brothers took an interest in the construction industry while working in the family’s international business—an importing/exporting and manufacturing company. It was here that they developed a burning passion for entrepreneurship and honed their business knowledge and skills.

In 2004, the Gullo brothers decided to team up and launch their first major online marketing endeavor. What started with a mere $100 investment was carefully stewarded and grown into millions of dollars in revenue. During these years, the two launched multiple revolutionary Internet marketing techniques and courses that have helped countless clients grow their businesses online and continue to be used to this day.

A New Era in Online Construction Marketing

After several years of success in the general online marketing space, the brothers had turned their eyes toward construction, remembering their interest in the industry that had taken root years ago. In combining their success in marketing with their passion for construction, Go Online Contractors was born.

The Construction Industry’s Leading Marketing Experts

Today, the Gullo brothers are the faces of what is now the construction industry’s leading marketing agency, Go Online Contractors. While there is no shortage of marketing agencies across a wide range of niches, very few marketing agencies specialize in online marketing for construction companies, specifically. With our knowledge about construction and our expertise and experience in online marketing, we are working one-on-one with contractors and helping them use the Internet to grow their businesses.

It’s Our Mission to See Your Contracting Business Thrive

We are laser-focused on the construction industry and on providing value to all types of contractors. If you’re looking for marketing experts who understand the industry, your business, your services, and your products, Go Online Contractors has all of the tools to help your contracting business explode.

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